Niobe: She is Life #3 Hyoung Retailer Incentive

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NIOBE: She is Life #3

Written by Sebastian A. Jones & Amandla Stenberg
Art by Ashley A. Woods
Layouts by Darrell May
Cover by Hyoung Taek Nam

Limited Edition Variant was painted by Hyoung Taek Nam (The Last of Us, Uncharted 4)



“It is time you learned how to murder a man.”

Niobe has discovered a monastery hidden within the heart of the Ugoma Jungle. Under the tutelage of Bragnar, a wise but again Macgrom (Dwarf), the young warrior princess has discovered an order of Galemren (Wild Elf) boys learning to become men. Feeling out of place, found comfort in an unlikely friend, a Sin-Grachukk (Half Orc) boy who has been accused of murder. Niobe hunted down and defeated the true killer, but old hatreds defy reason. An innocent is about to die.